Clean Beauty is a term you may have heard of, but what exactly does it mean and why is it important?

Why is Clean Beauty important?

Clean Beauty is the terminology used to indicate if a company follows strict European Standards in their ingredient choices.

Currently the United States bans 13 ingredients and has not wavered from this list since 1938. Yes, you read that right. 1938.

European countries ban 1300+ ingredients that have been shown to be harmful, are cancer causers or hormone disruptors.


The majority of these 1300 ingredients are routinely included in brands sold in the US and Canada. Why? Because they are cheaper to use and can create a very long shelf life, two things that make doing business less expensive.


One of the key components in Ever Skincare is that they follow strict EU standards. The most common  ingredients found in US and Canadian cosmetics that we do not use can be found here in our Never Ever List.

Clean Beauty, EU Standards, Never Ever List

Ever takes Clean Beauty one step further by being the first to market a Clean Beauty Line that also produces Clinical Results.

Our product line is Clinical grade, meaning the actual ingredients inside our products are formulated with clinical grade ingredients.  Each active is backed with clinical studies and our actives are the highest level that can be used in products without the need for a prescription/ or doctors office.

Because at the end of the day, what we all want are RESULTS that make our investment worth while and make us feel confident in our skin AND not to apply toxic substances to our skin.


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Lisa Pretto, Executive Ever Skincare