Welcome to our training on how to hold a virtual Facebook Party


I have designed the Virtual Facebook Event as a 3 day “party”.

You can certainly shorten it, do it all in one day, or even in one hour.

I believe the 3 day event allows people flexibility. If we hold it just on a Tuesday night at 7 pm there is a chance that people will have another obligation and feel they have “missed out”. This means they may not participate or order. By giving people several days to pop in at their own leisure it gives them a chance to really look at the items they might be interested in and feel as if they are participating.


Be sure to give everyone the link tot he catalog and where appropriate mail out a seasonal catalog for them to have in their hands.

As stated in the training I suggest that you be the host the first time around. It is amazing how much easier it is the second time and you want to work the bugs out on your end. You can do a mystery hostess with each person who orders being eligible to earn some or all of the rewards.

The Script for the Party contains images that you can right click to save on your computer.

It is an outline and a suggestion. Feel free to use some or all of it


The key steps to a Virtual Stampin’Up! Facebook Party are:

  • find a host
  • create the event
  • hold the event
  • follow up with the event


the following PDFs will walk you through each step.

I look forward to hearing about your successes!!

Virtual Stampin’ Up! FB Party (PDF) – [ddownload id=”6474″] – [ddownload_filesize id=”6474″]

Facebook Party Flow (PDF) – [ddownload id=”6473″] – [ddownload_filesize id=”6473″]

Webinar Recording:


I am also posting the photos here to make it easier for you to right click and save




Fbparty4 Fbparty5














please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have!

Lisa Pretto