Welcome to the training page for our Joyful and Profitable Leadership!

I am so excited to have you here to learn the best ways to create a group environment and culture that will feed your soul, serve your downline, and grow a profitable business for all

please feel free to email me at anytime with questions lisa@inkbigacademy.com

As you work thru these trainings please be sure to be in email correspondence with me so that i can help and guide you

Downline Questionnaire:  Send this out to your downline to get a good handle on what their plans are for their business.  [ddownload id=”6192″] – [ddownload_filesize id=”6192″]

Joyful and Profitable Leadership – Part 1:  [ddownload id=”6193″] – [ddownload_filesize id=”6193″]

Joyful and Profitable Leadership – Part 2:  [ddownload id=”6194″] – [ddownload_filesize id=”6194″]



Please be sure to set up a time for your one on one chats, can be done via email if necessary.

It will take several strategic planning meetings to create a plan true to your heart and intent on focsuing and serving your downline> lisa@inkbigacademy.com