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Episode 16

Have you ever received random emails (how did you get on that list?) that caught your eye? Well, I went down the rabbit hole with one and learned a really significant lesson that has changed my social media focus and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Episode 15

Ready to connect with your clients on a more personal level? Let’s go old school with the feel, felt, found method. I’ll share personal expertise on how to build a relationship with your customers by meeting them where they are. No need to be pushy or fake, let’s get real!

Episode 14 

Do you apologize out of habit? Even if you have nothing to apologize for? Today we’re going to learn the effects of this business habit and how to conquer it with confidence. Gain a little freedom so you don’t ever feel the need to ever be sorry about being a passionate, successful business woman!

Episode 13

Hey there Glowgetters! Today’s podcast is one simple trick for you to implement in order to stand out and be different! And when I say simple, I mean SIMPLE! There is no excuse not to try this easy way to be more personable with your followers and make a stand out impression

Episode 11

Have you been using Facebook to promote your direct sales business? Have you tapped into Pinterest? Today we’ll tap into the simple, yet powerful, secrets this visual search engine has to offer!

Episode 10

Skin care is so important for helping maintain a healthy and young life. However, do we stop to look at what ingredients are in our products? Or even what standards the company upholds? Join me as we dive into the secrets of skin care companies and what you need to know to make the best choices for you and your family!

Episode 9

Let’s reflect on our mindset…do we naturally gravitate towards abundance or scarcity? Join me today to learn 4 tips to get in and stay in abundance thinking. We’ll dive past the “checklist” and align our hearts and minds to grow and reach the tangible goals of success we’ve set in our business!

Episode 8

Are you constantly getting distracted from one task to another? At the end of your day do you feel exhausted but have little to show for your efforts? Join in today’s episode as I share my top (and simple) 2 tips to ensure you have a productive work day!

Episode 7

What words come to mind when you think of your business? Let’s dive into what makes a profitable direct sales business and not just a hobby. I’ll share my realizations and the first areas to focus on to build your passion into the successful business you’ve dreamed of!

Episode 6

Feeling like you’re stuck in mud and not soaring in your direct sales business? Join me as I dive into the reality of low times within direct sales. I’ll share my tips and tricks for setting new goals and the habits you need to achieve them!

Episode 5 

Do you ever take a step back and remember the ‘why’ behind starting your direct sales business? Join me as I share my story and the day I re-examined my why and changed my focus all while becoming more profitable in my business!

Episode 4

Have you heard the saying that hustling will lead to direct sales success? Well, I’m here to tell you there’s another way! I am the anti-hustle girl and will share my secrets with you! Time management isn’t just about managing your time…it’s about owning your time. Let’s dive in!

Episode 3

Have you been on the fence about starting your direct sales journey? Or maybe switching company’s? Join me for an episode full of inspiration from Stephanie Grabow! Hear her story and her why behind pivoting to a new company. Stephanie stepped up and brought her skills, knowledge and values from her first company into her future endeavors for a fulfilling and successful career!

Episode 2

Join Lisa as she divulges the secrets to her social media business success! In this episode you’ll learn the 4 things you need to build your brand, create an experience, establish the know/like/trust factor and learn the 80:20 of social media business success! Let’s dive in!

Episode 1

Join Lisa as she interviews one of her business besties, Julie Salva! From high school teacher to successful direct sales business woman, Julie is here to share her direct sales story as well as tips and tricks.

Get ready for the truth about hard work and the importance of surrounding yourself with successful women to inspire your business endeavors and goals!

Episode 0

In this welcome episode you will learn who Lisa is, her story with direct sales and the success she’s created. Lisa is dedicated to helping you in your direct sales business and to expand your influence and brand…whether you’re at the very beginning or at a 6-figure income. So let’s get started living your best life!





Lisa Pretto, Executive Ever Skincare