Welcome to House of Colour Madison!

In the fall of 2020 as I was mindlessly scrolling Instagram I stumbled upon a before and after pic unlike anything I was use to. It wasn’t hair or makeup or a house remodel. It was a color analysis.

The only thing different between the before and after was the addition of the colored drapes deemed to be her “wow” colors and lipstick. I was curious.

So I booked a color consult and immediately fell in love with the process. When you find something you think is amazing you share it. So in early 2021 I made an appointment for my daughter to have her colors done as well.

Yes, she is gorgeous in her before, but the glow and polish in the after photo blew us both away.

For the past 21+ years I have helped women, and a few good men, create a life they love thru their belief in themself and a community that supports them. Helping women to look and feel their best is near and dear to my heart. Add in my entrepreneurial spirit and of course I needed to open a franchise and House of Colour Madison was born.

We offer Color Analysis to help you determine the best colors and tones to create your own wow! We have expanded the 4 seasons (winter, spring, summer, fall) typically associated with Color Theory into 12 categories and each person receives their own personal WOW colors making for a highly individual palette.

  • What if you loved everything in your closet?
  • What if everything you purchased looked amazing on you?
  • What if you could shop easily, knowing the color and style?
  • What if you never had clothes with their tags still attached sitting in your closet waiting for the right time to wear?

Head shot, big interview, special occasion, or every day moments that matter, we all want to look and feel our best. Wouldn’t it be great knowing that every time you got dressed you were showing up as your best self? From jammies to yoga to dog walking to lunch out to work to happy hour to dinner…..we can make sure it happens!

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We will open shop July 6, 2021 in an office space near Greenway Station

(and yes! I do travel with my drapes so reach out if you want me to come see you!)

If you would like to be among the first in Madison to experience this game changing experience, we are currently booking for July and August. You can see my available dates here

Don’t see a day or time you need? Email me with a request at lisaprettoibinger@gmail.com, be sure to use the subject line HOC Madison