Direct Sales and Recruiting: 9 Million Said Yes

I just read an interesting article that stated 25,000 people join a Direct Sales company every day in the US. That's 175,000 a week   750, 000 a month   Over 9 million a year   So how many people have you recruited in the past year? Yeah, those...

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Sign Up and Change Your Business Forever

As a successful award winning demonstrator in Direct Sales, I know how much there is to do on a daily basis to run a solid business. It can be extremely overwhelming. I want to help you navigate the social media aspect of your business so that you can focus on...

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January: the Best Month to Recruit

Studies show that more people accept new jobs in January than any other month of the New Year. Nothing like starting a new year to motivate people to start a new challenge.   So if you do not already have an opportunity event on your January calendar, get one...

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