Direct Sales and Pinerest: A Match Made in Heaven

Pinterest is the new addiction of many! People who are active on the site spend up to 2 hours a day looking at pins, curating their own pinboards, and sharing with friends. How Hot is It? * Unique visitors increased by 429% from September to December 2011 * Over 3.3...

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Are You a Direct Sales Super Hero?

Wonder Woman, Cat Woman.... 2 female Super Heroes What makes them so different from Batman and  The Green Hornet? Batman had Robin The Green Hornet had Kato   Yep, those fellas had sidekicks while our Female Super Heroes did it all by themself....

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3 Steps to a Better To Do List

so tell me about your to do lists?   If you are like me it could be a conversation that goes on forever, because my to do lists can go on forever. Sometimes I think I need to create a list of all the things I accomplished that weren't on my to do list. Why...

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4 Steps to Being A Leader in Direct Sales

Every direct sales company has some of their focus on "leaders" Often you need to have reached a certain milestone to be thought of as a leader. So many people in your downline, so much in group sales, etc.   But I am not sure that some of these...

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Group Training Starts February 1st!

We are super excited to start our Group Training Event this Wednesday, February 1st! Each month we work with a group of Direct Sellers who are committed to learning and mastering Social Media: blogging, facebook  and twitter! Here is how our Group Training...

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