3 Steps to Recruiting Success THIS Month

So we are coming to the end of January which is known as the best month to recruit in Direct Sales. So how have you done so far this month?   Whether you have had a rock star recruiting month or a "hang your head in shame" month, we can change that in...

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3 Steps to Train ALL Your Recruits to Succeed

In my 12 years of direct sales business I have recruited A LOT of demonstrators. Some have had amazing success and some have, well, not had the easiest time.   This is not surprising right? But what surprised me so much in the beginning was that those recruits...

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How to be Open for Business

Are you open for business?   In direct sales it is so important to be open for business all the time. Since we don't have a set retail space or business hours, everywhere we go there are potential customers, hostesses and recruits. And we need to be...

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Direct Sales and Recruiting: 9 Million Said Yes

I just read an interesting article that stated 25,000 people join a Direct Sales company every day in the US. That's 175,000 a week   750, 000 a month   Over 9 million a year   So how many people have you recruited in the past year? Yeah, those...

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