Getting over the “They use to….” hill

Recently 2 things happened in the Stampin'Up! world that really made me pause. Well, I guess it wasn't so much what happened as it was the reaction to what happened.   First, the Leadership Bag change. From the SU! website:  We are trying to mix...

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My, no longer secret, Calendar Trick

You know that we believe big time in the importance of having strong systems in place. OWING YOUR TIME is critical to achieve success in anything in your life: relationships, health, business   And today I am going to share with you a little calendar trick I do...

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4 Keys to a Great Start in 2013

In direct sales we typically work really hard until the last day we can get orders delivered for the holidays and then look forward to our "down time"   this "down time" can run weeks and I think it is important to ask ourselves if we really...

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Embrace the “Shift”

with a new year just weeks away, it is a great time to make changes.   But change is a tough and uncomfortable word for a lot of us.   Today in yoga I heard something that I thought was so powerful. "don't think about change, think about making a...

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