Happy Downline = Successful Downline

Real financial success in Direct Sales comes thru building a downline. Period.   Once we know that, often our next thought is how do I build a downline that is successful? for many, what they are really asking is: How do I build a downline that generates ME...

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Who Moved My Cheese?

Years ago Stampin'Up! introduced the book "Who Moved My Cheese?" to a Leadership Conference. The big take away from this book is: "In business, particularly sales, the environment is always changing. If one is unable to adapt, they are almost...

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What to do with ALL the updates!

A lot of my clients are becoming frustrated with all the new things coming from home office. Lots of new products Lots of new promotions all good stuff, right? But we aren't use to it   How do we process it all? How do we get the info out to our customers...

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6 “Get Them to Recruit” Ideas

Recently there was a conversation on one of the boards I am part of about how to get downline to recruit, what are the best ways to encourage our downline to embrace the direct sales model and share the opportunity. Naturally one of the answers is to dangle a few...

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want new customers? do new things!

One of the challenges I hear from my clients all the time is that they can't find new customers.   And then as I start to give them ideas they say, "well, my customers won't like that" or "that won't work with my customers"...

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