Spiff Up Your Loyalty Program

We know that a lot of Stampin'Up! demonstrators, along with the majority of business we deal with in our daily lives, offer Loyalty Cards. If you don't have a loyalty program, I want to share with you a couple secrets to running a successful loyalty program....

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New Year, New Start!

Although January is not technically the start of the Stampin year, it does naturally fall into the feeling of a fresh start. The end of December is typically a little slower and SaleABration is right around the corner. A good time to re-evaluate and take a fresh...

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Is your business in need of a Re-Launch?

Is your Direct Sales Business on track to do big things this year? If the answer is no, and you have the intent to rock it in 2014, then it might be time for a  RE-LAUNCH!   If you had a new recruit who told you they wanted to build a real business and was...

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