sometimes it is hard….

as many of you know I am a yoga fan.   I love my yoga classes, my instructors, the clothes (!), the heat, and seeing my friends on their mats. About a month ago I had some upheaval in my family life and needed some time to step back, self lay...

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Simplify for Success

Hereis a little tidbit I received in a training email. It makes total sense to me, and I hope you find a nugget to inspire you to simplify for success!   3 steps to simplify Your Life 1. Trim your to-do list. To simplify my life, every week I like to...

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Get Our SLC Power Hour Trainings HERE

Did you miss our hugely popular trainings in SLC ? "loved everything you shared! I have so many great things to put in my business!" "your VIP idea was the best tip I got from the entire convention" "I enjoyed how straight forward and direct...

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Instagram Tutorial

super quick tutorial on how to set up your Instagram account:   go to the app store download the instagram app press sign up set up account: email, username, and password (I think your username should be your first and last name, no spaces. for example:...

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Are You Romancing Your Customers?

Recently I was chatting with my almost 20 year old daughter about relationships. She has a great guy she has been dating for 14 months. As a kind of newlywed myself, 2 1/2 years, we both can fondly remember all the energy our fellas took to woo us. And at some point...

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