Direct Sales: What are we REALLY selling?

Let's face it, direct sales gets a bad rap. It is the reason a lot of people don't want to host or become consultants. We get dismissed by people who don't really have any idea what we do based on a lot of outdated or false information.   So ...

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Not Knowing is Not An Excuse

One of the things I typically have to overcome with my coaching clients is the "I don't know how to do x, y, z" as to why they are behind/lost/confused/dabbling in areas of their business.   I'm not saying that there isn't truth in the...

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Craft and Vendor Fairs: How to’s for BIG Success

Many folks think of craft and vendor fairs as fall and pre-holiday events, but there are opportunites all year round to use this GREAT tool!     People come to these events LOOKING to buy. How awesome is that for us? We go LOOKING to sell. It is a perfect...

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Coffee Q&A: How to make more money

One of the things I get asked all the time by my clients is"How do I make more money?"   Give a listen to this week's coffee q&a as I tell you the key to more profit inyour direct sales business   and be sruet o subscribe to our YouTube...

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