How to Get More Done: 5 tricks to start TODAY

So far we have covered how to set yourself up for success by focusing on your habits the night before and starting the day focused. So here are a few tips to help you once you get in work mode. What I love most about these is that they are doable today:   1)...

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How to Get More Done: 7 steps to start the day

If you didn't see the first post in this series, head HERE   The key to a productive day is starting out with things that make a difference.  there are lots of theories, so I thought I would share 7 of them with you and see if there is one that speaks...

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How to Get More Done, 8 quick fixes

I am not a big fan of a long to do list   I am not a fan of killing yourself, working super long hours, or self created stress.   But I do think there are things that we can do to set ourselves up to be PRODUCTIVE. I want to kick off a series HOW TO GET...

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