Ready for your December 1st Pre-Order?

I hope you had a spectacular holiday weekend. Mine was filled with food, family, food, decorating, food....and today I am thankful there aren't a lot of leftovers in the house as I need to get back on track. I mean, who can say no to gravy?!! Never, not really even a...

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InkBig Gathering for Greatness: Tennessee

Seriously, how can you not love a place that has the Firefly as it's State Insect?!! Tennessee you won my heart! I have partnered with my good friends Julie Salva and Angela Waters to bring you this fun, inspirational, stamping and learning day! February 4 2017 9 am...

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Customer Service: How happy are your people?

Happy Monday peeps! I am fresh off a little getaway and had to do a little shopping to get us all back in the swing. Hello, Target is fully decked out in Christmas!! So now of course I have added shopping, decorating and pre-baking to my week's to do list. How does it...

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