W.I.N. What’s Important Now

I get asked all the time what my Masters Retreats are all about. The main thing I tell folks is that they focus a lot more on "life" than "business", but we all know that what is good for our life is also good for our business. One of the ideas we focused on just a...

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My Favorite Yearly GetAway, Stampin’Up! style

I am fresh off the Tucson Masters Retreat and Tucson Gathering for Greatness events.....tired but filled. And after a day of rest I have some fun and exciting new things I am anxious to add to my business. Everyone always asks me how you get invited to these...

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Your Time is Your Money

Recently I was having a conversation with a fellow demonstrator about the issue of some current items being back ordered and not order-able. Because of this issue they would need to redo their upcoming classes for February. Which, BTW, totally stinks! I said, “oh my...

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You will Be Tempted to do MORE. Don’t.

I am a natural born Type A person. For as long as I can remember I have been DOING and STRIVING. Checking things off a to do list and achieving MORE have been driving factors in my life. But as I have gotten older, wiser, and a lot more comfortable in my skin I look...

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