Welcome! I’m Lisa Pretto

I am a passionate multi-preneur!

I got my start with Direct Sales in December 1999 with the paper crafting company Stampin’Up! I was quickly off and running, building a 6 figure income while raising my 3 children.

As you can see a lot has changed in 20 years 😉

I found my passion to be helping other women, and a few good men, build their own businesses and create something successful for themselves.

I initially started this blog as a way to support my team members and other direct sellers with programs and trainings on how to best use Social Media to showcase their brand.

As I write this in May of 2020, Social Media has never been more important as a tool in building a successful direct sales business.

I also partnered with S&D Social Retail, focusing on Ever, their clean beauty line. In 2 years time I was able to take what I learned and created a second 6 figure income stream. And just recently I joined Scout and Cellar, a brand new company that focuses on Clean Crafted wines.

I believe that a joy filled life is created one decision at a time. Self care isn’t just a catchy phrase but a critical component of being able to show up in your life with purpose and passion.

You will get a little of everything when you stop by for a visit. Products I love, tips on growing a direct sales business, inspiration on clean living, and I might even give up the best chocolate chip cookie recipe I have ever made.

You are welcome to join me in my Facebook Group and I look forward to getting to know you!