I have always loved fashion and style. As a young girl I devoured the fashion articles that listed “10 must haves for Spring” or “The 3 pieces every women needs in her closet”. And I followed them to the T.

Trench coat? you bet

Perfect LBD? got mine

White button-up? you know it


And while I kept following these lists, I never felt like I had the right pieces. I was always standing in front of my closet full of clothes with nothing to wear. i kept shopping and kept feeling frustrated.

Even when I pop online now to read the news I see the same articles I was reading 40 years ago


So what have I learned over the past 40 years of all these articles:

First, these articles aren’t written to help any of us, they are written to sell clothes.  I’m not blaming the people writing them, but I am acutely aware that they are doing their job, which is to sell clothes.

Second, none of it is true. Not a stitch.


There is no master list of the items we ALL need. Why? Because we are all different. Different body architecture,  different lifestyles, different personalities.

High waisted pants don’t work for those with short torsos

Black isn’t a great color for everyone

A trench coat can overwhelm some bodies, a button up can feel stiff to some,

A basic pump can feel a little boring to some and way too structured to another.


The best direction for the pieces that will work for you comes from leaning into your unique clothing personality.

We look at your body architecture (and no, you aren’t a type of fruit), personality (because it has to look right AND feel right) and lifestyle (WFH/running kids/business meetings)

Our House of Colour Style Analysis is an individual and highly personalized look at what YOU need to look and feel your best, to fill a closet with pieces that truly honor who you are, and to become comfortable saying no to trends that simply don’t serve you.

Looking for more information? Reach out to me at lisa.pretto@houseofcolour.com and let’s chat!