I am always on the lookout for the perfect gift!

From family members to besties to my spouse to team members, I want to give something that is meaningful, personal,

and doesn’t look like I just checked off the box.


  • Have someone difficult to buy for?
  • Buying for someone who has everything?
  • Looking for an experience rather than something material gift?
  • How about the perfect gift for your corporate team?
  • Or an amazing day out with your favorite fella or besties?


  • All genders
  • All ages
  • A private one on one
  • A fun group event
  • In my Madison WI studio
  • At your place of work or home

Our 2 hour Color Analysis is done in person

Our Style Analysis can be done virtually in 2, 3 hour sessions or in person

I also offer a VIP Day in which we do both Color and Style Analysis for groups of 1.2 or 3

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