House of Colour Style Services

Did you know that along with Color Analysis, House of Colour offers Style Analysis?

Based on the architecture of your body (not your weight) and your personality we determine which of 23 Clothing Personalities best suits you.

From the type of neckline to the style of jean to the cut of a jacket to the size of pattern….

we show you EXACTLY which style elements are the perfect choice for your body and personality.

Along with that we talk scale of accessories to completely pull your look together.

If you have had your Color done years ago or are a current client, adding in the Style is truly the finishing touch!


  • Style Classes are done virtually
  • They are 2, 2 hour sessions done in the evenings
  • It has nothing to do with what you weigh, so get that thought out of your head
  • Cost is $265
  • for info on our next available class please email me at