House of Colour Style Services

Did you know that along with Color Analysis, House of Colour offers Style Analysis?

In a personal style analysis appointment you will discover how your body architecture and your personality helps determine what style of clothing will naturally look better on you.

We will determine your “clothing personality” and give you advice on how to dress your bodies proportions to create a wardrobe that reflects confidence, trustworthiness, authenticity and beauty.

This appointment is a natural compliment to the Color Analysis appointment (can be done in any order).

It is designed to provide guidelines about styles of clothing that will work best for YOU for the rest of your life, regardless of what fashion is doing.

We will help you choose the right accessories, patterns and textures to develop and complement your Personal Style.

You will leave with a detailed workbook and personal notes to reference later. You will gain knowledge that will enhance the way you dress and shop for the rest of your life.

Based on the architecture of your body (not your weight) and your personality we determine which of 23 Clothing Personalities best suits you.

From the type of neckline to the style of jean to the cut of a jacket to the size of pattern….

we show you EXACTLY which style elements are the perfect choice for your body and personality.

Along with that we talk scale of accessories to completely pull your look together.


If you have had your Color done years ago or are a current client, adding in the Style is truly the finishing touch!


  • Style Classes are done virtually
  • We gather in a group for the first meeting for general information gathering
  • Your second meeting is a one on one where I deliver your Style Personality, along with printables and a Pinterest Board
  • It has nothing to do with what you weigh, so get that thought out of your head
  • Cost is $265
  • You can book your Style Class HERE or email me for a specific time


  • to join the waiting list for future classes please email me at