Prior to my color and style analysis I bet my shopping and closet looked a lot like yours!

I had a lot of black. SO much black.

And every season as I shopped for what felt like the missing piece, I added whatever was trendy that season.

Olive? Had some

Blush Pink? You know it

Leopard? Tye Dye?

and let’s not even dive down the rabbit hole of skinny/straight/wide/flare/distressed…..ALL THE JEANS!

The beauty of knowing your color and style is that what you buy today will look amazing on you next year and the year after and the one after that. No more fast fashion for you! No more buying pieces that feel outdated within 6 months.

sustainable fashion isn’t only good for the environment, it is good for your pocketbook, ease of dressing and style.

YOU become timeless.

And that means that you can buy better. A pair of boots can be an investment when you know you will wear them for the next 10 years. That winter coat becomes a WOW and not just one more coat in the closet. The style of jeans you invest in become your trademark look rather than change as the wind blows.

For most of you, the sweatshirt above would be a trendy purchase. You might intend to wear it, but it would never make it into the rotation. I KNOW you have pieces like that because I did too, A LOT of them!

I called them “aspirational clothing”. Things I aspire to be in my personality but never really make it. But because I know the style and color that suits me best I bought this sweatshirt knowing it was a win. I wear it constantly and every time I do I get tons of compliments.

Once you know your color and style, each piece you bring in becomes a workhorse. It looks great on you, it goes with everything else you own and you feel fabulous. Isn’t that what we all want from our closet?

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