Whether you love to shop or hate it, everyone wants it to be simple and easy. You want to be able to walk into the store and know what will not only work for you, but what will make you look and feel fabulous!

Once you have completed your Color Analysis, shopping becomes stress free and fun!

At your appointment you will receive your wallet.

This wallet contains color swatches for your season and indicates your wow colors. This becomes your handy dandy tool that you take with you anytime you shop.

the 36 colors in your wallet aren’t the only colors you choose from. The key is to look for colors and patterns that harmonize with your season’s palette. Eventually your eye is trained to look for colors but until then you can hold your wallet right up to a piece of clothing to help determine if it is warm, cool, muted, icy, bright, earthy, splashy….

Not only will picking out clothing be so much simpler when you are out shopping, but everything you buy and hangs in your closet will go together.

Getting dressed? Easier!

Packing for vacation? Easier!

Change of season? Easier!

With the added bonus of knowing that each piece harmonizes beautifully with your skin to create a look that truly is your best foot forward!

Questions? Email me lisaprettoibinger@gmail.com

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