Let’s chat for a bit about what to expect at your Color Analysis appointment.

First, it is always more fun with friends! There is something about seeing the process come to life on someone else that is so exciting and eye opening! So grab your mom, sister or spouse or bestie and make it a day!

I will ask you to arrive with no makeup on. I will provide makeup remover for you if needed. This allows us to see your true skin tones and how they respond to the drapes.

Also, no self tanner or tanning booth. This also affects your skin tone and can skew the outcome.

You will sit facing a large mirror and natural light, and I will have you don a hair net so that the color of your hair also doesn’t influence the drapes (more on that later!)

We will spend approximately 2 hours going thru a patented method of determining which colors are the best for you.

You will leave with a booklet filled with all the necessary information I share, along with a wallet filled with swatches of your best colors.

Along with that we cover:

  • best denim colors
  • best jewelry tones
  • best hair colors
  • best sunglass colors
  • best neutrals
  • best pops of color
  • how to wear your season
  • makeup specific to your season

You will be prepared to clean out that closet of items that don’t serve you and to shop for items you want to add. Of course, I am available to help you with both of those!


It is fun, simple and straightforward!

And no, I can’t (nor can anyone) tell your WOW colors simply by the color of your eyes, from a photo or virtually. Truly, the magic is in the patented dyed drapes and they simply don’t fail.

And if you are like me and had your colors done decades ago, it is time for a refresh! The process has evolved so immensely that your results are likely outdated.


Our calendar reflects 30 days out, you can book your appointment here

If you would like a time other than what is listed, please email me at lisa.pretto@houseofcolour.com and use the subject line BOOKING AVAILABILITY