“I’m too busy”, “I don’t have enough time”…heard these excuses? Or potentially used them yourself? 

Most excuses are common, normal parts of life and it’s important to remember that life will be event filled! 

We will always have things on our calendar that take time and energy. This is why we chose direct sales! So we can live our lives prioritizing the events of most importance to us.

However, sometimes we may not know what to do in our business to drive it so we make excuses and end up not doing anything. However: 

  1. There are VERY few times you are too busy to work on your business…we just prioritize other things. 
  2. If you have 10 minutes, then you have time to work on your business! Respond to emails, reach out to potential customers, etc. 

Small, consistent behaviors compound over time and the momentum will excite you! Remember to:

  1. Identify what can be in 10 minute spurts of time
  2. Honor your commitment to the work, even in small increments
  3. You can embrace the flexibility that is such a huge bonus in direct sales

Let’s hold each other accountable and build our businesses up! Listen to the entire podcast HERE