Do you have a reliable system of accountability in your direct sales business? Having a flexible schedule can make it challenging to show up for yourself and your business at times. Having an accountability partner/coach won’t make it easier to show up for yourself…it might just be another person to tell your story and excuses to. It’s up to US to step up and hold ourselves accountable and stop the self-sabotage. 

In this episode, we will discuss how the overwhelm in life can easily discourage and distract us in our businesses. So let’s take a look at self sabotage and how it affects us in daily areas of life. 

Listen IN!

For example, do you find yourself setting small goals? It’s natural because our error for failure is statistically less. But, don’t fall into this self sabotage scheme! Realizing the purpose you serve and the value you provide to your customers can free us from fear and provide us with the courage we need to hit $5K/+ months!