We are all on a journey to figure out how to get it all the things done, but let me share my biggest tip: we are NEVER going to get it ALL done

When I sit down to work, I start by asking myself what 3 things NEED to be done right NOW? I complete those and then I ask myself what three things need to be completed next? I continue to work in batches of three. 


So how do you decide what makes the initial three item list? Ask yourself where your last sale came from and look at what is currently producing results in your business. Is it Facebook Lives? Your Newsletter? Ensure you put these as top priority. 


To sum it up, here are my best tips:

  1. Know what activities move the needle forward
  2. Focus on the power of three
  3. Separate your work and home business to-do lists
  4. Guard your time
  5. Don’t buy into the idea of “catching up”

Take a listen and then get after your to-do list!