Today I’ll build on our episode and the 3 P’s: purpose, passion and persistence. If you missed that episode, catch it HERE

In this episode we will cover the 3 C’s to building a strong business: content, consistency, concrete systems.

Working on any or all of these three will help up level your direct sales business, so let’s get started!

  1. Content: you need more of it than you think! Simply make a list of 25 things you want to share about your business and now think of 3 ways you can share each of those 25 things. 

Remember! What your followers are really looking for are really simple tips to help them up level at the very basic use of their product. Don’t forget about those things that seem super basic to you. 

  1. Consistency: people are unconsciously watching to see if you’ll still be there tomorrow. 
  • Pick a platform
  • Pick 3 ways you’ll show up on that platform every day
  • Once a week try to show up on the same day and time


  1. Concrete Systems: not having a clear system in place can pull us off track very easily.

You can create a concrete system for even the most basic aspects of your business. Handling orders and sending thank notes are great starter examples. When you have organized methods, it allows you to be productive on the work you have set time aside for…and not become easily distracted. 

Don’t be afraid to start small when beginning to implement the 3 C’s in your business…these aren’t meant to overwhelm you out, but to HELP you!