Let’s talk mindset! My 3 P’s of a successful business mindset include: purpose, passion and persistence.

Purpose: why are you doing this? When you know you’re why it changes everything! This could be financial security or to create a lasting impact. Without purpose we lose focus on our businesses because it just won’t matter. 

Passion: you don’t need to love everything about your business, but you better love something! People are drawn in by passion and it gives you courage to create a better business! This should be something that speaks to your heart and soul.

 Persistence: this will include phrases that use the words “despite” and “until”. Despite x, y and z I will continue strong. Creating a strong sense of persistence allows us to honor the fact that there will be hard days, but they won’t own you. Remember, in direct sales you only lose when you quit! 

Finally, let’s discuss some simple steps you can take to get better at the 3 P’s:

  • Positive self talk
  • Make a list of the wins…even small daily wins
  • Do it
  • Find a business bestie
  • Adopt a “fail forward” mantra 
  • Be present and find JOY