Today I am so excited to interview Colleen Nickols! Fellow direct sales success and most recently the face behind @noshamesalesgame on Insta! 

Colleen had a rough start in direct sales with two attempts. However, her lesson is “don’t quit!” In her third direct sales business, Colleen decided to run the show with confidence and BE successful. However, she knew the direct sales industry needed something more. 

During quarantine she decided to take an approach from the industry and not just one company’s perspective. So she created @noshamesalesgame! This Insta account exists to simply spread joy and encouragement to fellow direct sellers. Colleen wants to remove the bad vibes people have with direct sales and show how freeing and exciting this journey can be. 

Colleen has also created a membership site for direct sellers to learn tips and tricks from guest experts ranging in a multitude of topics in the Direct Sales Growth Community

Listen in as we discuss direct sales stereotypes that need to change and how you can make it happen by being you and living your best direct sales life!