So be honest, how do you feel when old friends or family reach out to you about their new business? Fortunately, there is a simple answer and you’ll be happy to know it’s free and empowering for women! 

Sadly, I saw a post on Facebook that took another route. The writer (in direct sales herself) was complaining about how annoying it is to receive messages from old friends and acquaintances about their new businesses. Many commenters were in agreement, but friends…what is this accomplishing?

Why is it that when our family and friends who we know and we like start something new, we throw all the shade at them?

Is this attitude pro-woman? Is this setting an example for our daughters and granddaughters on how to raise each other up?

What if instead of being annoyed, bothered and put off we say “WOW”! It doesn’t take much to ask why they joined and what their goals are. Or to even join their Facebook groups. 

Today I’ll cover my tips to support our friends and family starting down a new business venture. It’s free to be nice and empowering to feel supported!

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