It’s September 2020 and I feel like I need to give a disclaimer when I talk about masking. We are going to chat SKINCARE MASK today 😉

Everyone can benefit by making masking a part of their weekly routine. The right mask can help with any and all skin concerns. Some will hydrate, some will deep clean pores, some will detox, and all will make you feel pampered.

Masking is gender neutral and you can even benefit from using them 2-3x each week.

A Little Me Time

Face Masks don’t just improve the appearance of your skin. They often smell delicious which help to stimulate that self care part of your brain. Draw a bath, light some candles, pour a glass or wine or cup of tea and relax.

Deep Clean

While you wash your face twice a day (…right?!!), a mask can draw out impurities that lie below the surface, almost acting as a detox for your skin. A good deep clean can reduce the size of pores and create a much more even skin tone.

Unclog Pores

When you remove the debris that sits on your skin it will also help to unclog pores. When pores get clogged with dirt and dead skin cells, bacteria can grow causing breakouts. Regular masking can keep the surface of your skin clean and make sure your pores stay clear.

Glowing Skin

Masks can help promote blood circulation which improves overall skin tone. With improved skin tone comes softer feeling skin, smoother feeling skin, a radiant glow and refreshed appearance.

Helps Your Regular Products Work Better

If you love a good serum or lotion, using a mask regularly allows those products to be more quickly and easily absorbed by your skin. This means that you will get the results you are looking for more quickly and maintain those results more easily.

Tips for Masking

  • Make sure you start with a clean, damp face
  • Use a Mask applicator so that you don’t waste any product
  • Choose the proper mask for your issue, hydration or detox
  • Apply mask to the entire face (except for eye area), along with neck and decolletage
  • Leave on for the recommended time. Too little time or too much time will diminish the results
  • When the time is up, dampen hands and massage mask to gently break it up
  • Use a muslin cloth dampened with lukewarm water to remove mask
  • Follow with Micellar Water to double cleanse and remove all residue
  • Apply a serum for deep hydration

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