I’m going to come right out and tell you, I am not a “hustle” girl. In fact, I am anti hustle. You know what I am a huge fan of? Mindset and Systems. I’m pretty exciting aren’t I?

One of the things I will talk about non-stop is something called DMO.

Daily Method of Operation

This is your plan on what and in what order you are going to do things when you touch your business. Regardless of whether you work 5 days a week or 4 days a month, everyone needs a plan.

This is the first step in the dreaded area of Time Management.

Time management is the number one thing most Direct Sellers struggle with, there simply aren’t enough hours to do all the things we want or think we should do. Also, too often we are busy in our business, but not productive because we are focusing on tasks that aren’t generating growth in customers, sales, new team members and creation of leaders.

By creating a DMO, you identify what moves your business forward and you do it at the beginning of your day.

Whenever I help a team member design their DMO the first question I ask them is, “Where did your last sale/new customer/team member come from?”

The answers are newsletter, blog, Facebook, referral, event, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Pay attention to where you are successful and make that the #1 priority of your day.

If your Facebook Group or Page is driving the majority of your business, then invest your time there FIRST.

It makes no sense to spend an hour over on Instagram FIRST if you have never gotten a sale there.

The beginning of the day will drive interaction and create a snowball effect for the rest of your day. Making sure that you do your high return activities first means that you don’t run out of day with the big things still on your to do list.

  • Identify your high return activities
  • Schedule them first in your day
  • Identify areas you want to grow into
  • Plan them for later in the day


This is the first step in creating a system that brings consistent results.

Something to think about: mindset drives everything, so plan 15 minutes to get focused and excited for your day. What you think about you bring about, so fuel that space between your eyes as well.