At some point in your Direct Selling business you are going to feel stuck.

Here is the quick skinny on why: What got you here won’t get you there


The thing is that the talent, skill, network, focus that you currently have is what got you tot he point you are at today.

To move forward you need to create greater talent, greater skill, a greater network and greater focus to move beyond where you are.

If that sounds a little daunting, and you are not going to love what I tell you next.

You also need to believe that you deserve the next level of success.

We get stuck because we embrace that “this is the level of success I have prepared myself for AND deserve”.

Don’t despair though friend, because I have a quick fix to move you beyond your stuck-ness. (Pretty sure I just made that word up)

  1. Identify the next level you want. Is it a title, an income, a team size? Identify exactly what the next level is that you want.
  2. Write down how the person at the next level behaves. What daily/weekly/monthly activities does that person own? Notice the difference between what you are currently doing and what the “level up” person is doing.
  3. Schedule your day as if you were already there. Whatever it is that the executive, person earning $2000 a month, leader with 25 people on her team, of 6 figure owner is doing daily, these are your new daily to do’s.


I’m not a big believer in “fake it til you make it”, but I believe 100% that if you start to behave as if you are the person who has already accomplished the next goal it brings that goal very quickly within reach.

  • Act like a winner
  • Behave like a leader
  • Show up as your best self

And you will move the trajectory of your business very quickly!