Hey friends!

We are living in a curious time to say the least and I hope this finds you all safe and well. My little introverted self has survived, but I am looking forward to sitting on someone else’s patio and being waited on!

We are in the middle of changes here and I thought I would catch you up to date. First, we changed the name of the blog to Lisapretto.com. One of the things I will always embrace is my opportunity to grow and change my focus.

Yes, I am still a Stampin’Up! Demonstrator, I will be active for 21 years this winter. Although I am not actively building my business I will forever be thankful for the introduction into Direct Sales, the opportunity to develop as a leader and the community that has made up my journey.

As I have invested in myself I have become very passionate about 3 things that you will see this blog focus on: Supporting others in Direct Sales, Clean Beauty and Clean Wine.

Direct Sales is the great equalizer where you need zero skills or knowledge and your passion and work ethic can take you as far as you choose to go. You will see trainings, tips and suggestions just like always on the blog.

Clean, Clinical Beauty matters to me because what we put on our body matters. You skin is your body’s largest organ and the US has done a horrible job of protecting women from the Beauty Industry. Not a single ingredient has been banned since 1932 and we need to be our own warriors in this issue. Result driven products that are not harmful is something we all deserve.

In my journey of treating myself better I knew right away that I wasn’t willing to give up wine ;). So I was thrilled to partner with a wine company that is committed to making the BEST wines that are pesticide free, low sugar, low sulfite, without additives.


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Cheers to us all as we navigate our future and continue to grow into what serves our heart and soul!