Confession time: I may have had a drawer or two that looked like this:

I had dozens of products that I had purchased on an endorsement, recommendation, review or the always delightful gift with purchase….Each one was brought into the fold with excitement and anticipation. I am guessing you can relate to this.

As each one didn’t quite deliver on its promise it got moved form drawer one to the bottom drawer, and then to a box, and then to a closet….I couldn’t come to throw them out, that was good money I spent, but I knew they weren’t delivering either.

Now, this is the entirety of the products I have in my house

No more “bottom drawer” disappointments and $100’s of dollars wasted.

So what made such a difference?

  1. I took a quiz that pinpointed my skin type, greatest concerns and suggested specific products for each one. Biggest takeaway? I was treating my skin as “oily” when really it was “sensitive”. Using the wrong products just made my issues worse.
  2. Clinical Grade matters. Most products found in drugstores and department stores are “beauty grade”. They might contain some Vitamin C or Hyaluronic Acid, but it isn’t enough to make a difference. Clinical grade products have been tested by third parties and demonstrate enough active ingredients to deliver results.
  3. Clean Beauty. Any product not following the EU standards for ingredients at a minimum are using fillers and shortcuts. In the US we ban 13 ingredients and have not added to that list since 1938. Europe bans 1300+ ingredients that have been shown to be cancer causing or hormone disruptors.
  4. 45 Day Money Back Guarantee means no more relegating products that aren’t a perfect fit to the bottom drawer. I can return them for a full refund, no questions asked.

If you are ready to be proud of your #skincareshelfie and even more importantly, fall back in love with your skin, take this quick quiz to help determine exactly what your unique skincare issues are how best to deal with them.

I’m here to chat and help you decide what would be best for you