I love a good business book and am always on the hunt for those that deliver nuggets of actionable items along with a great delivery. Easy to read, some great aha moments and interesting? Pretty sure to finish it and put what I have learned to use.


I have 2 books that I read for the first time years ago and still reference to this day.

This Stephen Covey book has been my business bible for well over 20 years. It is still meaningful and relevant and for me, a must read for anyone regardless of their gig.

I often kid that this business would be great “if it weren’t for the people”. Because if we are honest working with people can be challenging, and yet it is critical to everything we do. This book gives excellent specific words and skills when you have to have those tough conversations. And tough conversations are a must to keep the air clear and things moving forward.

There are a couple of books I added in the last few months that have absolutely wow’d me and have been added to my “everyone needs to read this book” pile.

I adore Brendan Buchard and how he breaks down success. There is a ton of research he shares but it is never boring and really inspiring as to how he simplifies what it takes to be your best.

Why do people buy? How do you motivate team members? How can you truly show up in service and make a difference while doing something you love? This book breaks it down into easy, understandable ideas that you can quickly incorporate today


I’d love to hear what books you are reading or always have handy in your library!

xoxo Lisa