The one constant in Direct Sales is change.

Change to product, comp plans, events, home office…

First, let’s just be honest that change makes us nervous.

And when we are nervous we don’t make good choices.


We start to operate from a sense of fear.

Fear about how it’s all going to work out.

And we start to make these sweeping statements:


“If they take away XYZ, I’m done”

“Obviously they don’t care about me”

“My customers/team/hostesses won’t like this”


In the 20 years of my direct sales experience there have been lots of changes. SO MANY CHANGES.

Have I loved all of them? Nope


But with each change I have worked hard to figure out how the plan works, where the sweet spots are, how to use it to my benefit to create a business I love and is profitable. And often I have needed to shift my focus and energies to create what I need and fulfills me.


Change is inevitable.

I remember a time when the big decision in direct sales was whether or not to go online. Can you even imagine that being a discussion?

Can you imagine in this day and age of “on-line everything” that people wouldn’t be able to place an order online?

There were many people back in the day that thought we were going to hell in a hand basket for going online, but looking back we can all agree that we would be in a hot mess today if we had been too afraid to change.

Change is inevitable.

so, let’s not panic.

let’s not let fear run the day

let’s have some faith

some things might not feel good right away, but let’s see the whole picture before we decide to give into our anxiety.


And even then, let’s sit with it.

Tune out the complainers.

Go deep into yourself.

And see what in this new can excite you.

Change is constant, and you have complete control on what you do with it


xoxo lisa