I have been talking about trading my car in for a couple years. While being great on mileage, it was totally impractical for my daily life.

First, I haul two of the cutest pups in the world to the dog park each day. And having them just hanging out in the back seat is not safe.

Secondly, I spend some good time and money at the garden center all year long and hauling plants and pumpkins and bird baths in a little car just never worked.

Third, I live in Wisconsin. That means we have a lot of snow days and I need a reliable vehicle so I’m not housebound for a whole winter.

So I finally went car shopping

I went looking for a compact SUV and had narrowed my search to one of 3 cars: Honda CRV, Jeep Pilot, and Lexus RX350.

All used, all a great price


I drove the Lexus first. #holycow All the bells and whistles. It FELT so good. Cozy and a little indulgent.

Then I drove the Honda and the Jeep. Both great cars…..but that Lexus…

It was a little bit more expensive and that made me second guess my choice.

In the end, I knew it was worth spending just a little bit more to get a car I knew I would LOVE.

So what does this have to do with your direct sales business?

I want you to think of the difference between being your CUSTOMER and being your TEAM MEMBER.

Being a customer is like driving a Honda or a Jeep. Perfectly good, practical, a solid choice.

Being a team member? That needs to be like driving a Lexus.

It is a top end experience. It feels better, it is worth that little bit extra investment, it is something you miss when you no longer have it.


Look at how you treat your customers and how you treat your team members.

Are you providing an experience for your team that is worth that little extra, that folks will miss if they leave?

If not, think about what you can add in, build, or provide to create a top end experience.

Being an active specialist requires a little bit more than being a customer, let’s make sure the experience we are providing matches their investment and faith in us.

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