One of the questions I get from folks a lot is whether they should set up a Facebook Page or Facebook group for their Direct Sales business.

Here is a super quick skinny of what each of these offers:

Facebook Page

FB pages can be seen by anyone, liked by anyone and followed by anyone.

When Connie Consumer likes, comments or engages with your page her friends see it.

Someone can like your page it won’t necessarily show up in their newsfeed unless they have interacted with your page recently.

The “Facebook Algorithm” makes it pretty tough for more that 10% of your followers to see your posts.

Facebook Pages have analytics which can let you know what works, what type of people engage with your page, what time of day is best to post.

You can advertise your Facebook Page to reach more people.


Facebook Group

A FB group is a community.

While you can have an open, closed, or secret group, people need to ask to join and be approved.

You can monitor who posts and have varying levels of control over other people commenting and inviting friends to join.

What goes on in the group stays in the group. In a closed or secret group, no one sees the interactions, comments, etc that their friends make.

Facebook Groups are more likely than pages to show up in your newsfeed, making sure you see what is going on.

You cannot advertise your group, but Facebook has recently added some analytics that can be helpful

So Which One Do You Need?

I think both (probably not what you wanted to hear, right?)

A Page is a marketing tool that can get you seen by NEW people and build your followers and potential customer base

A Group is an opportunity to provide greater value, build your brand, and service your customers.

Both are important: bringing new folks in and keeping you existing people inspired

Embrace the mantra: Build and Serve

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