Facebook can make you crazy, right?

You see all this info on how to use Facebook in your business and you do those things…..but you aren’t generating sales or building your team.

I want to share with you the method I used to generate $8000 in sales in one week.

Can I promise you those results? Nope.

But I can promise you that with less time and more focused energy YOU will find new customers that BUY and people who WANT to join your team.

Here is what you will learn:

  • How to get in front of 150 new people every month while in your jammies and on the couch
  • How to build relationships on Facebook that make people want to do business with you
  • What to post on your personal Facebook profile to help grow your business
  • What to post in your Facebook group to create engagement and sales
  • How to build genuine relationships online that will create raving fans
  • How to position yourself as THE PERSON people want to do business with

all in less than 30 minutes a day

Sound too good to be true?

Here is what you need to know:

Right now you are missing out on the key component that makes Facebook a PERFECT fit for any direct seller that wants to run their business on line.

It is easy, it is duplicatable, it doesn’t take a ton of time….

What it does takes is concentrated effort and focus and a commitment to be consistent and persistent. And to be honest, you need to be brave. You will need to get our of your comfort zone, because honestly it isn’t helping you get anywhere.

If you have those and are ready to treat your business like a business, then this is the training for you.

Join me for the simple steps to create a business you love in less time by utilizing the tools that Facebook gives us

  • Live Webinar
  • 1 pm CST Thursday, January 18th
  • Recording available to all you can’t join live
  • in addition to the webinar, you will receive a PDF filled with scripts, ideas, and examples

and yes my InkBig VIPs, you will receive this training for free, no need to sign up!


This course is now available in the training library for $79

If you are looking to build a business online, this is a game changer and I cannot wait to share it with you!

Click the link below to go to the sign-up page and purchase:

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