For many of you, Stampin’Up! is what I like to call a “side hustle”. I am a big fan of the side hustle. I think it is so critical to have something just for yourself. Something you are passionate about, something that brings you joy, something that you build just for YOU.

I have just started a little side hustle of my own and I wnated to share it with you, because I think of us as friends

I have zero intention fo giving up my Stampin’up! business of 18 years, but I have wanted to partner with a skin care company for so long and I finally found one that is the absolute perfect for me.

EVER is a skin care line that is relatively new to the market. They are owned by the same company that owns Stella and Dot #allthelove

Here is what made this the absolute right fit for me:

Amazing Product Line

I consider my self quite the connoisseur of skin care, having tried just about every thing on the market, including other direct sales companies. The EVER product line is hands down the most effective, safest, and affordable of anything I have used. That is the trifecta of skin care in my book!

Amazing Home Office

As a direct seller for nearly 18 years I know the importance of a strong home office. I have been so impressed with Stella and Dot for years for their strong commitment to their consultants. Bottom line: they get it and they provide the necessary tools to be successful.

Amazing Business Opportunity

Direct Sales has given me financial freedom beyond my dreams and I know the power of being your own boss. The compensation plan for EVER is solid, makes sense and is easy to understand, plus they are speaking my language when they dangle those cash bonuses and free trips in front of me!

Everybody has skin 🙂 So we can all still love Stampin’Up! and love this new company.

I have a FB group, if you are looking to do better by your skin, need a little refresh, or are just curious you can check it out here

I am going to continue supporting YOU are your Stampin’ buisness, I would be forever grateful for any support you would like to give me