Yes, I am writing this to you at 4:15 am! I got home late Sunday night from a company Incentive Trip to Thailand and this jet lag is kicking my butt! The good news is that I have an 8 hour day in by noon 🙂


This week Smh company put out a reminder regarding the policy on “Ownership and Use of Team Lists, Company-Generated Customer Lists, and Other Confidential Information of the Company“. The basic idea is that you can’t use contact information compiled by Stampin’Up! in non-Stampin’Up! business.

For example, you can’t email your entire team to ask for a donation for your charity bike ride or to solicit them to join you in a different business venture. The same holds true for any customer list/information found on the company website.

And this is why curating your own email list is critical.

When you have an email list that people voluntarily sign up for, giving you their contact information so as to hear from you…..that is a completely different thing and YOU now own that list.


So if you decide to change companies, add a new venture, open an Etsy shop, offer flute lessons, start an online log rolling training… can absolutely use this list to market what you are offering.

I have been active for 17 1/2 years with zero desire to go anywhere else…..TODAY. But I know that life changes, opportunities present themselves, needs and interests arise….and “my brand” is the one thing that I own in this journey.

You can curate your own email list for free using MailChimp, AWeber or Constant Contact. Do it. Be smart. Your company’s rules are there to protect us all and are likely in line with all Direct Selling companies. We need to honor these rules AND be wise in how we build our brand and take care of our followers.



xo lisa