You totally know that I am a word girl. I have always loved to read and in my teenage years (so very very very long ago) I would keep notebooks of quotations, phrases, bits of stories that resonated with me. Now, thank goodness, I can just save them to Pinterest #forthewin

Recently I cam across a quotation from Jay Z that I absolutely love and cannot get out of my mind

For those of you who have spend a little time around here you know that I have a few solid go tos when it comes to running your Stampin’Up! business:

Do less, Do better

WIN: What’s Important Now

You Already Know

Find your tribe, love them hard

You are not Stampin’Up!, You are your own unique take on Stampin’Up!


and the one that a lot of folks struggle with, “YOU are your brand”……let’s be honest though, I know you don’t like hearing ” buy less” either 😉


Don’t get hung up on the use of the word “man”, it just works in this instance and still applies to all of us.

You are not a businessman

You are a business, man.



YOU are your business.

Your people follow you because of who YOU are and what YOU provide. It is not about Stampin’Up!

And once you embrace the reality, the power, the promise you are making it will change everything like a lightbulb suddenly being turned on.

A little scary and a little overwhelming, but when you own it…..all empowering


YOU are a BUSINESS, man


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