I am sure you have your list of “4 letter words” that make you uncomfortable. ME? not so much, except for one…..and it is the ONE that can really hurt your business.


yep, busy!


We all know people who wear that “badge of busy” with a lot of pride. Somewhere we got super confused and started equating busy with succesful. If you have a lot to do that must mean you are working hard, getting stuff done, you are vital and important.


Truth? the LAST thing I want to be is busy.

Busy does not mean productive, focused, joy filled, purpose-full, or happy

Busy means stressed: too much to do and not enough time to do it


For me? I LOVE to work, but I refuse to be busy.

And I am going to bet that I am not alone in that icky feeling about “BUSY”


When you are talking with your customers do you say, “oh my gosh, I’m just so busy!!”?

And then wonder why they don’t want to sign up as a demonstrator?


When you talk with your team do you say, “oh my gosh, I’m so busy!!”?

And then wonder why they don’t want to hold classes and events?

Instead of having BUSY DAYS, try having FULL DAYS


“I had the most full morning, it was so fun!”

“Out weekend was full of so much great time with family”

“I am loving how full my life feels with all my stamping friends”


People want FULL lives, no one wants a BUSY life.

It might seem like one little word, and I am going to bet that if you use it you may not even be aware of it or intend it in a negative way. But it can be the smallest and subtlest of changes that can really open up your life and your business.


xo lisa