One of my favorite books I read the last few months is “The Year of Yes” by Shondra Rhimes. Shondra Rhimes is the writer of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder. It is a great read with lots of AHA moments.

One of my favorite parts of the book brought me to my knees with the simplicity and beauty of the truth.

Rhimes talks about how as a child, a nerdy, geeky, awkward child, she would work tirelessly to get her hair to look like Whitney Houston’s hair

She was convinced that if only she could get that hair her whole life would change. Years of straightening, curling, and fussing to get THIS hair. The hair that would redefine her life.

Years later, as a grown and successful woman, she was getting her hair done and shared her obsession with Whitney Houston’s hair. The stylist replied, “you know that was a wig, right?”

The truth:

even Whitney Houston didn’t have Whitney Houston hair.


This was so powerful for me. How much time do we spend thinking if only:

I was as thin as

I was as smart as

I was as lucky as

I was as rich as

I was as free as

I was as supported as

I was creative as

I was as loved as


The truth is that most of it is just smoke and mirrors. None of as are as together as it may seem. Particularly our “facebook self.  My friend Janet likes to say you are just looking at my front door, come on in and see what is really going on.


Even Whitney Houston doesn’t have Whitney Houston hair #micdrop


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