Recently I was having a conversation with a fellow demonstrator about the issue of some current items being back ordered and not order-able. Because of this issue they would need to redo their upcoming classes for February. Which, BTW, totally stinks! I said, “oh my gosh, just think of all the time that will take”….and their response was “I’m not worried about the time it will take blah, blah, blah…..”

Okay, they didn’t really say blah, blah, blah and I am not downplaying what they did say next, except for the fact that they totally lost me. People, time matters!

You can never get time back.

Not only do you lose the time you have invested, but those hours you now need to spend is time you could have used to build something NEW or DOING something you love.

As Stampin’Up! demonstrators I think we vastly underestimate how important our time is, and what it is worth.

Some things are out of our control, but placing value on our time is something we can always choose to do.

Be critically aware of what you are deciding your time is worth, what you are worth. Be selective and critical when it comes to creating events and pricing. Time is money…..except that you can always make more money, you can never make more time