I get asked all the time what my Masters Retreats are all about. The main thing I tell folks is that they focus a lot more on “life” than “business”, but we all know that what is good for our life is also good for our business.

One of the ideas we focused on just a few weeks ago in Tucson was WIN

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We all have a list a mile long that we want to get done each day.

We all feel pulled in many different directions, from different priorities.

One of the key questions to ask yourself is W.I.N.

What’s Important Now


This question can take a list of 20 and quickly help you identify your top 3 to dos. So many of the things on our list are not of high importance. Or they are VERY dependent on other things happening first.

If writing a blog post is on the list today, then the W.I.N. method can help you quickly identify:

  • Create Project
  • Photograph Project
  • Upload Project
  • Edit and add Watermark
  • Upload to Blog
  • Write Post
  • Publish

The W.I.N. method helps identify the realities of the “this must be done before this must be done” and gets your energies quickly focused in the right direction.

Likewise if on your list is “eat healthy”, the question would be” “for me to accomplish this, what’s important NOW?”

  • Menu plan
  • Grocery Shop
  • Food Prep

I love that we can use this method yearly, monthly, weekly, daily and even within an hour.

If we keep ourselves focused on doing “What’s Important Now” we will always be taking care of things in a manner that makes sense and is impactful.

It would be awesome to spend a lot of time stamping, but the reality is that although it would keep us busy and doing something related to our business. it is very often not the answer to “What’s Important Now?”


I am currently working with a big old post it note in front of me with W.I.N. on it as I make some changes in my business plan and structure. My goal is to just stay focused on that question and let it lead me thru the decisions we are making.

So ask yourself:

What’s Important Now?…..and then go do that