I am always looking for easy and EFFECTIVE ways to stay in front of my Stampin’Up! customers. And when I find a customer service tip that is getting results I am so excited to share it with you! And guess what? Today I have something I think you will love because it is simple, easy, affordable and so very little work……doesn’t that sound like a dream come true!?

Many of us create card samples for classes and cards to share on our blogs. That means we have a lot of really pretty cards hanging out in our stamp areas that have already been put to use. My practical side tells me that they really aren’t doing a lot of good sitting in my office taking up valuable space, so I decided to send them to my customers.

For a while I was adding a little post it note letting them know they could “keep it or send it”. Well, writing the post it notes, addressing the envelopes, adding the stamp, getting to the post office (the struggle is real my friends)……I decided I definitely wanted to do this, but I needed to streamline and clean up the process.

First thing I did was order these cards from Vistaprint:

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As soon as I get done photographing my blog card I pop one of these little babies in the card, put it in an envelope, and lick it shut. It goes into a box and once a month I sit down and address them to one of my customers I have not heard from in the last few months. I mail them all at once, and then…….

  • The orders start coming!
  • I am putting inspiration in their hands
  • I am showing them where to find me online
  • I am nudging them to take a look, be inspired, and shop
  • And it works


Way better than a post it note, right?

Easy and Effective!

All those cards sitting in your office, studio, or crammed in boxes…..put them to work for you….and then let me know about YOUR results!


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