Hello Monday! Anyone else feel like this year is flying by?! People it is almost March, holy smokes! The faster it feels time goes by the more focused I become on where I am spending my time. It has to matter, make a difference and be something I love. Life is way to short to spend my days doing things that just don’t matter.

One of the biggest struggles I see in my clients is the want to “do it all”. And the struggle is that they want to do it all because they really haven’t found their niche. They aren’t feeling focused or purposeful, they aren’t getting a great return from the energy they put out. They are in the “throw it at the wall and see what sticks” mode of running a business. And I am not telling you anything new when I say that really doesn’t work.

But as soon as I start talking about focus, about doing less but doing it better, people get nervous. We become fixated on what we have to give up, and we want to give up NOTHING 😉


So how about we change the thinking?

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Today, instead of thinking about what you might need to give up to create better focus and results in your Stampin’Up! business, think about where you want to GO BIG.

Where would you LOVE to spend more time, invest more energy, make a difference….

  • Maybe you LOVE teaching and would really like to take your tutorials on line but you don’t know how
  • Maybe you LOVE doing fundraisers and you want to become more involved in your community
  • Maybe you LOVE supporting and nurturing your team and want to automate your trainings to them
  • Maybe you LOVE doing craft and vendor fairs and want to branch out into bigger shows


The idea of “Going Big” is not about what you will stop doing, it is about identifying and embracing the areas that really light you up. It is about identifying your THIS: “If I could do more of this I would be excited to get up and come to work”

Because when we focus on the parts of our job that we love, that we want to excel in, that excite us and motivate us to give generously and authentically, THAT is when we build something that is unique and of great value.

Remember, YOU are not Stampin’Up!, YOU are your unique take on Stampin’Up!


So where are you going to GO BIG this week?

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