As an InkBig VIP you will receive an exclusive weekly training covering all of the hottest training topics:

  • traditional sales
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  • selling product
  • recruiting
  • profitability
  • and how to make the most of all of the changes at Stampin’Up! (there is a lot going on!)


You will also receive access to the VIP blog, which hosts trainings such as:

  • 9 webinars covering Social Media
  • 30 Day Business Breakthrough
  • Learn to Sell
  • Social Media Master Plan
  • Just Say No to Blogging
  • Compensation Plan Sweet Spots
  • More Success, Less Stress

Plus, all these courses are free to my VIPs


and more

we believe that this program will give you the best opportunity to:

  • stay informed and current
  • learn how to make the most of ALL your sales opportunities
  • grow your business both in size and profitability
  • have access to a library of training materials for you to access anytime you want

You get so much with this program!

  • I cover lots of changes and best practices in Social Media
  • Weekly focus on what to do NOW in your business
  • Plus free trainings on in depth topics that are stored for you on a private blog
  • This is your chance to get the best of what I offer, the information I share with my team, and really create a business you love.
  • My number one goal for you is to build a profitable business, in whatever size and shape YOU want and have a blast.

There is a reason my tag line is:

Make Money*Have Fun*Change Your Little Corner of the World


Join me!

As soon as you join you get access to ALL the trainings on the VIP blog

There is no commitment, it is a monthly subscription that you can stop and start at any time


And we want it to be attainable for EVERYONE to participate, so you get all this for only 17.95 a month!

We know that is crazy low, but we are SO committed to making your business ROCK!