Many of you are part of the InkBig Challenge Group on Facebook, if you haven’t joined yet you can check it out here. This week we are focused on the concept of getting rid of things that no longer work in our business.


It is so easy to get overwhelmed with all the things that need to be done. And often we keep doing the same things over and over even if they don’t really work for us.

We think we need to “stick it out”

We don’t want to disappoint our customers or team members

We don’t have a good handle on what really is working


The end of a year and fresh beginning of the next are great times to evaluate and make some changes.

Here are some things to help you think about it:

Do you love it?

Is it profitable?

Is it key to your brand?

Could someone else do it for you?


for me, one of the things I seriously struggle with is getting to the post office. It feels like the world’s biggest chore EVER. And I know it isn’t, but I am telling you that I could procrastinate dropping packages for DAYS.

So now I have a former team member who makes those post office runs for me and it is the best feeling ever… new sparkly shoes feeling, yep that good! I pay her by the hour in product and everyone is happy.

I have given up the dread of going to the post office

I have given up the going to the post office

and my peeps get their packages when they should.

Everyone is winning, which feels great.

And when you feel great you make better decisions… not eating all the leftovers from last night as you procrastinate going to the post office. #thestruggleisreal


Sometimes the most important part of building a successful business is not what we add to it, but what we subtract from it.

come join us in our InkBig Challenge Group and lets help each other enjoy what we do a little bit more.

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