I have a confession to make: I am a messy stamper! The other part of that confession is that I just don’t really care. I don’t have to have everything neat and orderly to create. A little chaos does not get in my way.


I do need calm seas to be able to write blog posts, newsletters, advertising pieces, etc. My business creative mind needs a different scenery from my crafty creative mind.


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For me, I like to do a lot of my business work first thing when I get up in the morning, which is usually about 5:30 am. I light a candle and sit at the breakfast bar in the kitchen and work for 2-3 hours in peace and quiet.

Once I have knocked off the big to dos for the day I then head into the studio to create. This could be working on projects for blog posts, classes, or designing/creating cards for my team and customers.

After a couple hours of creating the dogs are very ready to head to the dog park which is a great way to clear my mind and enjoy the day.


and how can this just not put life in perspective and make you happy?!! I have often told Tom that if anything happens to him I will own ALL the dogs 🙂 Think about all that happiness !!

After that it is back to the computer to close out the day. Usually back in the kitchen or if it is nice out on the patio.

As Stampin’Up! demonstrators we have 2 very separate and very distinct sides of our day: the creating and the marketing. For me, I need to have 2 very independent work spaces to be able to switch my brain from one task to another.

So, how about you? Have you created a system that works for you? Do you have set work spaces that encourage you to be focused and productive?

If not, maybe this is the time to evaluate and change it up. Sometimes a fresh start can be exactly what you need to overcome challenges.


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